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Outdoorsie Brand
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What is Outdoorsie?

Outdoorsie is a platform dedicated to those seeking to share their passion for sports. We connect the best sportspeople in Northern California with those searching for immersive, active outdoor experiences. 

What activities are on offer?

We are beginning with water sports, running, biking & hiking. Outdoorsie will connect you with guides, coaches and instructors to take you on that first lesson, improve your existing skills or lead you on an expert trip.

Where can I go?

Northern California is home to a perfect sports ecosystem with its famed coastline, rugged mountains, picture perfect lakes and the trails in between. Whether you want to surf in Santa Cruz, hike at Yosemite or bike by Lake Tahoe, Outdoorsie is the platform to get outdoors.

Are guides vetted?

All Outdoorsie guides are interviewed to ensure we work with the best sportspeople. Qualifications, certifications and accreditations are required to be a part of our guide community.

Do I need to be a professional athlete to take part?

We have a full range of skill levels available. Check out the color coded skill tags indicated on activities. We have easy, intermediate and advanced tags. Activity listings also include further information about what skill level is expected for each activity.

How do I book?

Search a guide's calendar of availability on their activity page and then make a selection. By submitting a request to book your payment will be held until the booking is confirmed by your guide.

How does payment work?

When a booking is confirmed your payment will be processed through our payments system, which is handled by Stripe. Further details on our cancellation policy and refunds policy should be read in the Outdoorsie Terms of Service.

What happens next?

Outdoorsie will confirm your booking and payment. We will provide you with all the information for your experience and allow you to connect with your guide for any questions you may have.

Can I review my experience?

Outdoorsie encourages reviews on the platform for all of our experiences! We will invite you to complete one once your trip is complete.

My question wasn't answered?

We always strive to answer all queries - please visit our contact form to ask a question.